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Lucky Bucks is a consignment shop (we do not buy dresses), which means you are your own boss babe, and we are simply the middle women that provide the platform for you to sell your formal items locally. You receive payment after your item sells, not upfront.
If you'd like to consign with us, it's easy! Follow these steps: 
  1. Text photos to 830.542.9067 to get items pre-approved (see guidelines below).
  2. Schedule an appointment Monday thru Friday from 1 to 5 pm (we no longer accept on weekends).
  3. Complete the consigner contract.
  4. Set your price(s).
Items are immediately placed on our racks, then, if sold, we will write a check for a percentage of the profit and contact you for pick-up the week of sale.


To stay current with trends and styles and to maintain quality inventory, we will only accept formal dresses that meet the following guidelines:
  • 2022 or newer
  • Up to date with current fashion trends
  • Floor length
  • Dry cleaned
  • Minimal imperfections in detailing and material
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